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Hoodie Gear Shift Cover

Hoodie Gear Shift Cover

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This Hoodie Gear Shift Cover is a great accessory for your car interior. It not only looks cool but the high quality material protects your gear knob from the sun & other damage.


  • Item Type: Gear Shift Covers
  • Material: Cotton And Polyester
  • External Testing Certification: CCC
  • Model Name: XQP029


  • Fashionable and Functional:
    Handmade in the our original studio using actual hoodie fabric, this cover is designed to keep your car's gear shift knob both fashionable and functional.

  • Durable and Universal:
    But it's not just about looks - the Shifter Knob Hoodie Cover serves a practical purpose as well. Made from fleece, cotton, thread, and polyester, this cover is designed to keep your gear shift knob protected from the hot sun.

  • Versatile and Easy-Clean:
    The Shifter Knob Hoodie Cover is also incredibly easy to clean. It can be washed with your normal clothes, making it a low-maintenance accessory for your car.

  • Perfect Car Interior:
    The main reason you're going to want this product is for how cool it looks. The hoodie strings can be tied or tightened, so you can adjust the fit of the cover to your liking. It's sure to make your car stand out from the rest, and it's bound to be a conversation starter.


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