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Household 202 Portable Mini Sewing Machine

Household 202 Portable Mini Sewing Machine

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This Portable Mini Sewing Machine is perfect for doing your sewing projects wherever you are. Achieve professional looking results with this compact & functional machine.


  • Type: Mini Sewing Machine
  • Stitch Formation: Overlock Stitch
  • Product Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel


• Handheld design for easy portability :
The compact size of this sewing machine makes it easy to move around, allowing you to take your projects with you wherever you go.

• Light cutter foot pedal for better visibility :
The built-in light cutter foot pedal provides ample lighting for your sewing projects, ensuring that you can see clearly what you're working on.

• Overlock stitch formation for professional-looking results :
The overlock stitch formation feature allows you to achieve professional-looking results with your sewing projects, making them stand out from the crowd.

• Portable night light for added convenience :
The built-in portable night light provides a convenient way to continue your sewing projects even when the lights are turned off, ensuring that you never lose your place.

• Multipurpose :
Handheld sewing machine can be used for DIY handbags, clothes, curtains, sheets, tablecloths, shopping bags, lunch bags, pillow dolls and other crafts.

 Low Noise :
Mini portable electric sewing machine has low noise during use, and the thread end is designed with a bottom thread, so the sewing effect is firmer.


• Small Portable :
The hand held sewing machine is compact, cute looking, and lightweight enough to easily fit in a shoulder bag and carry around, perfect for travelers.

• Easy to Operate:
The portable electric sewing machine can be adjusted according to proficiency and sewing needs, so that novices can handle it without rushing, and skilled hands can improve efficiency and sew quickly.


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