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Ultrasonic Electric Dental Cleaner & Calculus Remover

Ultrasonic Electric Dental Cleaner & Calculus Remover

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The Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner uses ultrasonic technology to ensure thorough cleaning of teeth & removal of dental stones to ensure that the teeth are white & healthy. It is effective for tobacco stains, tea stains, dental plaque and stubborn dental calculus. 


  • Certification: CE
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 3x3x19cm
  • Rated power: 3W
  • Vibration frequency: 30-40KHZ
  • Charging time: more than 2h
  • Charging mode: USB


  • Ultrasonic Technology :
    The ultrasonic technology used in this dental cleaner ensures thorough cleaning of teeth and removal of dental stones.

  • Electric Dental Cleaner :
    This electric dental cleaner is designed to remove dental plaque and stain, leaving your teeth looking whiter and healthier.

  • Oral Health Care :
    With its focus on oral health care, this dental cleaner is perfect for anyone looking to maintain a healthy mouth.

  • CE Certified :
    This dental cleaner is CE certified, ensuring that it meets the highest safety and quality standards.

    • Micro induction ultrasonic technology:
    During ultrasonic work, only when the working tip contacts hard objects such as teeth and dental calculus will it vibrate, while soft objects such as gums will stop vibrating to protect gums.

    • Medical grade working head :
    The fine working head is suitable for cleaning between teeth, and the abrasive flat working head is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains on the surface of teeth.


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